We're a generation that is increasingly full of motion.  Motion can be great, but it can also be confusing and overwhelming.

You work hard, but find it hard to focus on what really matters in a world driven by distraction.  

There's only 168 hours each week, and working more isn't a viable option because you're already doing as much as you humanly can.  

Plus, with all of the information and demands coming at you (from email, fires at work, social media), you feel constantly scattered.  

It's hard to think straight when circumstances or what other people want are pulling you in multiple directions.

Well, I get it.  For years -- while I was a consultant at McKinsey, during my MBA at Harvard, and as a senior leader at a variety of tech companies -- I used to constantly be caught in the hamster wheel of "busy".  

And then I hit a particularly stressful patch where I was so stressed out that I broke out into hives all across my body.  My choices were to either live on anti-inflammatory drugs for the rest of my life, or find something else.  

I explored a number of things, and as an entrepreneur working in tech, I realized that... 

the challenge isn't to manage time, but it's to manage our energy and ourselves.  

And so that's why I'm excited to offer Fireproof Focus where you'll learn time tested techniques for how to: 

  • Accomplish more while doing less
  • Take back control of your work rather than it controlling you 
  • Organize your mind 
  • Build habits that make an outsized difference over time
  • See the patterns that are shaping your life, and how to change them 

What you'll get in the Fireproof Focus system: 

  • My eBook delivered in bite sized daily reads 
  • Daily mindfulness meditations supported by neuroscience designed to reshape your brain 
  • A proven system for building a mindfulness habit
  • Daily reminders (text messages and phone calls) to help reinforce the new habits you're building 
  • Support of a likeminded community 

For $49, you'll get access to this 6 week program. 

For $499, you'll have the chance to work with me 1:1 to dive even deeper.  

If you're unsatisfied for any reason, I offer a full 30-day money back guarantee.  

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