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Continue reprogramming your brain to reach peak performance––renew your meditation practice!    

If you found your mindful leadership meditation training valuable, I’d love you to support the program’s development by donating what reflects the value you feel you’ve received.  
Many people told me they  tried for years (even decades) to learn to meditate, but didn’t make a habit of it or actually learn how to meditate until taking this program.  
I’ve uniquely tailored the curriculum to illustrate the intellectual + scientific underpinnings of meditation for already high-achieving, busy professionals, and saw a need for a program that makes mindfulness techniques efficient and immediately applicable in your professional and personal life.   (No other program does this!)

With your donation, you'll have the option to continue mastering mindful leadership meditation with either a 5-minute or 10-minute (deeper dive) program starting Sept 14th, and will be supporting the effort to make your experience better.
Based on your previous support and feedback, I’ll be improving the service in future programs with:

  • New course topics
  • New meditations 
  • Option to pace the course at your own speed
  • Streak tracking

Note: this is not tax deductible

Fellow Alum Reviews:

Meditation isn’t new to me. I’ve been meditating for 20 years using different methods. But this series has been a revelation — it so CLEARLY spells out just HOW and WHY meditation is so powerful. Having this intellectual component has helped me realize: ‘I’m not just doing this to relax. I’m actually training myself to be more productive by reducing stress and being more present throughOUT my day, NOT just during the act of meditation. I’m actually doing this practice all day long. This program has COMPLETELY rewired my brain. I am more patient, more aware of my thoughts, emotions and body. This program teaches me meditation in a way that I can feel and understand in just the way that I need it. — J.D., Law Firm Partner
I love the precise advice and guidance. Every day we’re learning a new part of a mental model of how meditation can benefit us. I am learning and applying the skills in each session to my daily life. — M.Z., Private Equity Investor
I’ve done several mindfulness & meditation programs, but this one COMPLETELY re-centered my life. I got hooked within the first few weeks after realizing I’d developed an awareness of when I’m not my most productive (I caught myself multi-tasking, instead of knocking things out), and have done every series so far.
I now notice day-to-day differences in my mental & physical stress levels, attention span, and concentration, the more I complete (or skip out on) each meditation. I feel more in control to structure my high level goals better––and it’s helped me build energy behind them. I’ve even started noticing my habits affecting other people (the emails help a lot). —M.M., Serial Tech Entrepreneur
This program has been a godsend. I’ve been going through an incredibly stressful time at work, and thanks to this meditation course, instead of flying off the handle, I’ve been able to manage my thoughts and stay much calmer, clearer and make much better decisions. — E.B., Tech Startup Executive

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