A Leadership Consultant / Coach & Facilitator with unparalleled experience in both
mindful leadership and senior management at some of the world's top institutions.

Melissa Lau is the principal of Seachange Coaching.  Not only does she uniquely focus on Mindful Leadership, but she has over a dozen years of business experience in the trenches — including consulting for Fortune 500 C-suite teams at McKinsey, and in senior leadership roles at top technology companies (e.g., Evernote).  Her education includes a MBA from Harvard Business School, a BA from Yale, and a CPCC from the Coaches Training Institute.


Business Management

Having played senior roles in product management at a variety of leading startups and technology corporations in Silicon Valley, she knows firsthand that advancing your long-term professional goals while running from meeting to meeting is like trying to assemble a plane midair.  Her approach which incorporates mindfulness enables leaders to attain the effortless focus needed to gain perspective on their constant demands, skillfully manage their personal interactions, and achieve their goals faster.

Mindfulness Training

Melissa has studied mindfulness and the neuroscience backing it extensively.  With over 1,000 hours of training in Buddhist and yogic traditions around the world, including Spirit Rock and the Himalayan Institute, she deeply understands that consciously choosing how we respond to our external and internal circumstances affects our performance, capacity to lead and overall happiness.  

Melissa aims to empower leaders to reach their peak performance, radically transform their work lives... and do it more mindfully.

Want to learn more?  Drop Melissa an email.