What are others saying about this program?

“I’ve been trying to meditate for 20 years using different methods. But this series has been a revelation — it so CLEARLY spells out just HOW and WHY meditation is so powerful....I’m actually training myself to be more productive by reducing stress and being more present throughOUT my day, NOT just during the act of meditation.”
— J.D., Law Firm Partner
“When I go to bed, and when I wake up in the morning, my mind is usually racing... thinking about work. I love that with this program it breaks that momentum, and gets me to stop those thought cycles. It’s helps me step back and clear my head. In even just a few days, I started to notice the difference. I’m more effective in my interactions at work.”
— M.S., Business Development Exec, Tech Startup
“This program has given me the tools to learn to manage my mind in the midst of stressful situations so that I can be more present, emotionally intelligent and more effective as a leader. It’s given me an edge professionally. No hyperbole here.”
— R.H., Investment Fund Manager
“In today’s world where we constantly receive information every second (from Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.), there’s usually no moment where we can just be be with ourselves. Technology makes us blind to ourselves. But meditation changes this. By taking just a few minutes a day with this program, it gives me real insight in a world full of noise.”
— S.L., Sales Exec
I feel refreshed, more focused, less stressed/frantic and more like myself after these brief meditation exercises. I’m completely new to meditation, and this program has been easier and the results much more immediate than I expected. I’m excited to continue to building to more advanced levels because I’ve really found these practices very helpful.
— M.D., University Dean
I already knew how to meditate, but this program helped me create a DAILY HABIT of meditating, that I’m still using now. Her guided meditations are soothing and informative about the “WHYS” and “HOWS” of meditation — it is clear that she has a deep breadth of knowledge of meditation and that she has practiced for many years. I especially benefitted from the various techniques, like noting, that she offers as tools for meditating and I’m now able to pay attention to when the things I’m thinking of aren’t productive or where I want my mental energies to be.
— C.B., Designer