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Jake Martin has spent a lifetime trying to sit still. His personal practice is deeply grounded in the Zen tradition he was raised in, the yogic tradition he was trained in, and the western experimental method. While failing to sitting still, Jake studied at Columbia, taught at UCLA, and has held senior positions in marketing and business development with global consulting firms, startups, and Fortune 500 enterprises. He is humbled to share what little he knows with anyone seeking steadiness and clarity in a modern context.  

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Melissa Lau is a Harvard Business School and Yale educated Leadership Coach & Consultant who previously held senior roles at Silicon Valley startups (e.g., running Evernote’s enterprise product) and is a former McKinsey consultant.  She initially came to mindfulness 8 years ago in the midst of a particularly stressful period.  While these practices brought her calm and clarity, she also realized through her 1000+ hours of mindfulness training that it built her capacity as a leader to handle even greater demands, solve problems creatively, and be more interpersonally skillful.  She believes she’s learned more about leadership from mindfulness practice than what she learned at Harvard Business School.      .  
You can learn more about Melissa here.